About Us

Our Law Office was established in 2018, when the profession really became private. We are a team of ten lawyers in Sofia, and we are not looking to grow just to look western. It must be remembered Columbus’ rule that who goes too far west will necessarily go east.

We work together with six associated offices in the country. If necessary, we can form a larger group of first-rate experts on specific projects. Our desk is neither the best nor the worst. We are not a team of professional stars, but just a chain that shines because it is well connected. You can search by medical malpractice attorney near me and come up with the best results now.

We are pleased with what other law firms have accomplished and are learning from their successes and disappointments. Preferred professional areas are: bond law, commercial law, company law, intellectual property rights (without patents), trade disputes, competition and labor law. We do not deal with criminal law.